Hey we fixed Disney An Cp wordpress

November 24, 2007

Here it is Click Here!



October 2, 2007

its october 1, 2007 and disney an cp wordpress is being dum so i will be helping him talk and leave messages on this wordpress, but he has new pin ideas that he made up by himself like lightning bullt, ghost, cat, bolling ball, he did create the idea for the ping-pong paddle, pepermint, green crayon, bolling pin, leaf, christmas present. IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS PLEASE TELL ME AND ……. WELL TELL DISNEY AN CP …….. WELL JUST LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THIS POST ABOUT IDEAS FOR PINS AND DISNEY AN CP WILL POST PAGES ABOUT THE PENGUIN AND THERE IDEAS!!!! AND YOU MIGHT SEE THEM ON CLUBPENGUIN. OHHH YA AND LEAVE IDEAS FOR CLOTHING CATOLOGS. OR JUST NEW ITEMS!!!!!

Heres some cool knew news

October 1, 2007

ok well if you see disney an cp hes a beta tester and also makes the pins on clubpenguin well thinks of the pins for clubpenguin and some other information i can’t tell.

Clubpenguin said i can tell you some big news

September 24, 2007

there is a new MOD….. well a disney mod he is a new mod named – Disney An Cp – and i hear hes cool as can be. if you see him try to be his buddy.

true news

September 23, 2007

bigrat did tell me himself that he has a new penguin named bigrats so if you see him its really bigrat

um i have some news that might SHOCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 21, 2007

I’m Pinkcheeto77

hes my other penguin and hes not famous at all but now that you know im pinkcheeto77 you know its really me vital viper and might be your buddy on pinkcheeto77!!!!!!
i play on frozen allot


September 21, 2007

hey i was on vital viper today
and then i went on viatl viper and saw remix 10 and redx1000 we party!!!!

o my other penguin is Zumlez

new penguin

September 11, 2007

i play on (im bat man) now so see everyone on frozen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Party with me!!!!!!!

September 10, 2007

this 14th party with me at the cove

Penguin:Vital viper – Viatl viper
Whos invited:Everyone
Day:Spetember 14, 2007
Why:Rockhopper is coming
Time: 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (Penguin times)
Please come it will be really fun and i will not be on vital viper the whole time so if you get there early you might see me on it or i might be on it some time during then.

I play on vital viper and viatl viper all the time

September 10, 2007

i mostly play viatl viper because when im on vital viper penguin follow me to much. so not as many penguins follow me on viatl viper im on frozen only on frozen at the dock ice berg or cove. i will get on vital viper soon.

go to my other wordpress http://www.vitalviper.wordpress.com

i was on clubpenguin today on frozen at the cove most of the time

August 27, 2007

heres my picture


i need to know!!!!!!

August 26, 2007

When i go on Viatl viper who will be my buddy????? I play on frozen im at the dock all the time. So leave a message if u would be my buddy if i go on viatl viper!!!!! Leave a comment and tell me what you think!!!


August 19, 2007

i play on viatl viper – vital viper – Homr simpsn. witch pinkcheeto77 made for us because we love the simpsons we watch them all the time. WE play on mamouth alot and also if were not there we are on tuxedo!!!

NEWS I HAVE A BIG SECRET TO TELL WHEN I GET 500 HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

new mission is out

August 9, 2007

its out so u can do it now i want everyone to know my best buddy pinkcheeto77 is famous and realy cool so if you want to be his buddy ask him he at maouth at the dock

hey everyone

August 6, 2007

im always on viatl viper so if you see me i will prob be ur buddy ok well bye

ok im back i have been gone and i almost have 100 hits!!!

August 6, 2007

that means i will have a party soon and fun stuff i will tell more when i get 100 hits

hi im vital viper

July 30, 2007